What drives us

A passion for preserving historic, cultural and environmental resources drives our commitment to developing an in-depth understanding of all projects and providing solutions that reflect this understanding. This philosophy is reinforced through our core values:

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Preservation of Resources IMG_6646 GJTH
Interior of Revolutionary War-Era Structure, Lebanon, CT
Preservation of Resources.

We take great pride in preserving and protecting valuable resources that reflect our rich culture and history, and that contribute to the sustainability of our environment.  

Integrity IMG_1651 Wylie Schoolhouse
Historic Schoolhouse, Voluntown, CT

We value honesty, reliability and transparency and believe these qualities are critical for project success and efficiency.

Learn and Evolve IMG_2377 copy
Column Capital on Nineteenth Century Church, Rowley, MA
Learn & Evolve.

We are lifelong learners, constantly evolving and asking the tough questions.

Respect and Care IMG_0115 Biloxi
Principal Beth Acly helping out after Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi, MS.
Respect & Care.

We truly respect and care about our community, our clients, and our team. We strive to find win-wins that support fulfillment of the needs of all involved.

Collaboration IMG_6388 Cropped
Principal Beth Acly participating in a project meeting.

We believe in the power of hard work, open communication, collaboration and synergy.

Interior Inspection of Chapel Building, Harford, CT
Big Picture vs. Details.

We believe it is imperative to understand both the big picture and the small details to solve a problem successfully. We use this deep understanding to find the essential components of a problem or design need and develop elegant, resourceful solutions.