The NINTH of 10 feature projects to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary!

Now located on the Governor Jonathan Trumbull House campus in Lebanon, CT, the Wadsworth Stable was originally constructed in downtown Hartford in 1774 and refashioned in 1820 into its current Palladian style. In its relatively inconspicuous role as an accessory building, the Wadsworth Stable stood witness to the immense growth and development around it during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It served its original purpose as a Stable under Jeremiah and Daniel Wadsworth’s ownerships, a neighbor to the first public art museum in the United States, a storage space for historic fire equipment during Perkins/Clark ownership, a gift to and candidate for expansion of the Hartford Public Library, and a spectator to the century-long conversion of the neighborhood from residential to large scale masonry commercial insurance and civic structures. In the mid-1900’s, the historic significance of the building was recognized and fought for by Katharine Seymour Day, who fundraised the money to move the building out to Lebanon in 1954 before its block was razed for expansion by the Traveler’s Insurance Company.

The Wadsworth Stable is currently undergoing a comprehensive exterior and interior restoration and repair campaign, starting with a wood shingle roof replacement completed in 2020.