The EIGHTH of 10 feature projects to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary!

The 116-foot tall Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch at Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT was erected in 1886 in memorial of Hartford’s Civil War veterans. The ‘Bushnell Arch’ was designed by architect George Keller and is considered to be one of the first Triumphal Arches in the United States.

The monument is constructed primarily of Connecticut Brownstone with a complementary buff-toned terra cotta frieze. The finial angels on top of each conical roof tower were originally constructed of terra cotta. After falling into disrepair, the angels were removed and reinstated circa 1987 using bronze replacements.

After a survey and maintenance project flagged concerns about the East Angel, Cirrus performed a Conditions Assessment and identified areas of corrosion in the angel’s mast support structure caused by breaches in the stone roof envelope. Due to stability concerns, Cirrus quickly prepared a repair design and it was implemented shortly after.