The name "Cirrus" symbolizes our commitment to start any project by looking at the big picture and pursue the root cause of problems. We then work to create customized solutions for these unusual or unique design issues. As clarity is gained, we focus in on the detail to produce high quality reports, drawings and specifications. The conscious journey from the broad to the specific is our way of providing our clients the best service.





One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is the opportunity to develop and cultivate relationships.  We work with architects and other consultants, building owners/managers and general/trade contractors. 





  • Investigation and Conditions Assessments of existing structures

  • Evaluation of load capacity of existing structures
  • Structural and material consultation


  • Design of repairs and retrofits of existing structures and building facades
  • Design of new structures
  • Masonry anchor design
  • Construction Documents including CAD drawings and specifications


Construction Services
  • Bidding Administration
  • Construction Administration




  • Metals including steel, cast iron and wrought iron
  • Wood including timber, balloon and platform framing
  • Concrete
  • Masonry including stone, brick and terra cotta


Structure Types
  • Commercial, institutional, civic, residential, religious, monuments and burial grounds

  • Historic Preservation / Restoration, Adaptive Reuse / Renovation
  • New Construction